Only Because I Love You- Learning from past mistakes 

Have you ever done something terrible and realized you just made the biggest mistake of your life or just done something and felt differently about your choice in general and decided that you did the wrong thing? Well regardless of what that thing was whether you broke  up with an ex or ended a friendship or even if you did something like chose the wrong item to buy or lied about something. No matter how tough or bad it may seem even if it’s a sin, you can recover from it as long as it’s not something illegal or that would classify you as a felon. You can change and evolve from the falls that you’ve taken in the past. You just have to realize that it’s worth making the change.

Only because I love you- how to be more adventurous

I cannot really explain how a person can change. Perhaps an individual may think that they are dry, bland, or not interesting  enough. This is certainly not true. Anyone can make themselves more appealing and fun without having to prove themselves to others or get hurt. Maybe go for a joyride with friends. Go outside and play soccer or go mountain biking. You can try some new type of food that you normally would not try. Go outside for a walk in the park or go to a farm and try somethjngs. Maybe pick some berries or milk a cow. Like you do not have to hurt to hurt yourself or go to extremes. Maybe you just want to get out more. These things may be a breathe of fresh air for you because you might learn something. There are plenty of things that a person could try that I have not mentioned. Jair do the best that you can and try things for the experience.

Only Because I Love You:Why I get mad or upset with my mom

  1. I am a generally happy person, but this weekend has been kind of different. I have a few things going on in my life as well as the others around me. It’s just difficult. I plan to go back to school but that can’t happen now. Just problems at home. My mom tends to think that she knows more than she knows and that is really part of the problem I’m realizing now. I never really dwelled on it before. However, now that I think about it, she is a part of the reason why I couldn’t finish up school in a timely fashion and have certain problems. Then she called my sister a name that wasn’t necessary. Not that it’s something that can’t be said or just so horrible but it was said in a quite rude manner and so I stood up for my sis and said that what my mom had said was not necessary. The problem with my mom is that she thinks she had a clue about everything and wants to tell you what you should do with your life but in reality, she doesn’t have a clue about everything. She’s very smart and not dumb or anything by any means. But I’m done giving up opportunities and squandering chances all of the time because of what her perception is. I have my own life to live. I plan to finish up school and do what I need to do for me. In done letting go of things that I want to do.

Only Because I love u: Mind Your Own Business

I really want to get something off of my chest. I know there are many people with many personalities, but I just feel like I’ve been suffocated. I am trying to be suceesful in every way possible, but that is hard when you have others in your ear. I just believe that people in particular, my sister should stay out of others affairs. It’s just essential to a certain extent in my view to allow others to make choices for themselves. Having gone through and experienced some things in life, I am pretty stable and have a good idea of what is good and not good for me. Hence, my view is that people should allow others to learn from their actions and not stand over them.

Only Because I love you: I feel like I’m finally breaking free

I just don’t know what it is that has changed my spirits. I feel like I’m finally starting to break free, whereas before, I was more hesitant. Now I feel like I’m ready to be myself and focus on developing my talents. I’m not afraid to jump out there and do certain things now. I used to believe that I had to have a plan and follow kind of what my parents wanted, but now I’m realizing g that I’m oy going to get where I need to go if I do what it takes for me to make it and so now I’m working on me and I have  large expectations and I would like to continue to follow through with those goals and initiatives in order to get where I want to go. Gone are the days when I listen to everything that older adults have to say. I don’t mean that I won’t take constructive advice but I just believe that I will go further in life if I just do what needs to be done and accomplish my own goals. Ultimately, I’m choosing not to hold back and I’m going to get things five my way and pursue my studies.

I believe in you

Can you remember that song by Whitney Houston? ” I believe in you in me”? It was one of my favorite songs growing up. I still really like that particular song now. I just like way the lyrics evoke certain emotions and when you combine that with the lyrical technique and stylings of Whitney Houston. I like the fact that there are connotations and honesty in the words to that song. It says “I will never leave your side”. Phrases like this make me think about the relationships in my life and how I can maintain them. I experience comfort in reading and hearing these words and they inspire me. So I challenge others to think about the relationships that aliready exist in there life and to develop those as well as form new connections. I also challenge other to push themselves and to not give up on what they have no matter how hard or tough things maybe. Try your hardest to mend relationships if you believe that it is worthwhile. It may not be but people can learn from many things. I really believe in the words that are presented in this song and I am so glad that I had the inspiration to write about what it means and how relationships can be mended.


Only because I love you: I hope I can be succesful in life

I have a story to tell later. I started working on a children’s book about the importance of children’s health and how important it is to keep up with and educate kids on how to take care of their bodies. I have not completed my story and I just wanted to know if I had a good plot. Of course there is more to the story. I just hope that it is good and I have to finish everything needs to be completed.